书院概况 INTRO

Guang Hua College of East China Normal University (ECNU) was founded in July, 2017. It is named after one of ECNU’s predecessors, Guang Hua University (1925) , in order to express respect, nostalgia and inherit the spirit of Guang Hua. Members of our college are undergraduatess from School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Physics and Materials Science, School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, School of Life Sciences, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Geographic Sciences, School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences and School of Urban & Regional Science.



The motto of the Guang Hua College is “Honesty and Innovation”. “Honesty” is quoted from the motto of Guang Hua University, hoping that students could keep honest in inner cultivation and external behavior. As for “Innovation”, we expect that students can understand the world with scientific attitude and change the world with innovative spirit.

We look forward to the fact that students can grasp the true essence and internalize knowledge; they can achieve inner purity and goodness, being positive and optimistic all the time. Meanwhile, in the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, they can always be patriotic and shoulder the responsibility of strengthening our country.


第二课堂培养方案Second Classroom training program

In order to implement the fundamental task of morality education in Second Classroom, and lay an active role in talent training, Guang Hua College have set a detailed all-round Second Classroom training program, including “Patriotism, Ideal and Faith”, “Traditional Culture and Humanity Classics”, “Art Appreciation and Aesthetic Experience”, “Scientific Literacy and Innovation Practice”, “Career and Professionalism”, “International Perspective and Multiculture”, six parts in all.